aerosoft's - German Airports 2 X - FS2004

aerosoft's - German Airports 2 X - FS2004

German Airports 2 X creates new dimensions in the German Airport scenery
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German Airports 2 X is a new software that creates new dimensions in the German Airport scenery, the software has included add-ons of the following airports; Cologne/Bonn, Hannover, Dortmund, Munster/ Osnabruck, and Leipzig/Halle. German Airport sceneries show the airport as it is today with no modifications. German Airport has recreated all buildings, lighting, navigation beacons (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, and ATIS); detailed lay out of taxiways and runways was made with perfection.

The features of German Airport 2 X include: detailed representation of the airport and its close surroundings, photorealistic ground textures, airport buildings and the major airport structures, automatic docking system (AGNIS), impressive night effects, fully accurate runway and taxiway lighting system, comes with a complete manual, and has original DFS-airport charts.

Additionally included with German Airports 2 X software is the FSX + FS2004. The FS2004 is fully supported by AES (Airport Enhancement Services) which is used to also create a dynamic environment. Alongside of the many details the sceneries run with excellent frame rates on modem hardware and allow a stepping stone in flight simulation

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  • Recreation of environments, fully supported by AES


  • Can be complicating for beginner user(s)
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